Pdp part c: smart goals

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (I have finished part A & part B, and i posted them below. You ONLY need to do Part C !!!)
A Professional Development Plan (PDP) allows us to analyze and reflect on our current state, clarify where we wish to go, and define specific action steps to take in that direction. In this course each of you will draft your own Plan.
Why: The process of self-reflection and goal setting in written form helps us build clarity and intentionality. This helps us to achieve our goals.
How: We will work on this activity progressively through both individual homework assignments and in-class activities that deepen your individual exploration.
This plan has three parts that form individual assignments:
Part A: Self-Reflection and Analysis — due in Class 3

Part B: Feedback from External Sources — due in Class 5*
Part C: SMART Goals and Next Steps — due in Class 8
*Note that you will need to request input from others for Part B. Therefore, I suggest you send your requests for input in Class 3.
Below find instructions for each part.
Submit each part separately on Canvas under the individual assignments A, B, or C at the appropriate time.
Reminder that late submissions will lose 10% for each 24 hours they are late.
This process is an exploration into your leadership goals. Look for what is authentically you and what you care about, as you reflect on who you are and as you set goals for yourself.

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