Paralegal Test

Section Three 10 points

Complete Exercise #26 in the Workbook.  Book “Paralegal Certificate Course Workbook” By: Margaret J (Peggy) Kirk ISBN: 9780615333564

Cite any sources consulted to support each response.  


Section Four 20 points

Directions: Provide the correct citation to the following fictional cases. Cite Bluebook page numbers to support each response.



1)     The US Supreme Court ruled on Charter v. Ohio in 2001. The opinion can be located in volume 353 of the official reporter, page 67; on page 114 of Vol. 362 of West’s Supreme Court Reporter; and in Lawyer’s Edition, second series, volume 15, page 196.

2)     You have located United States v. Finkerton from the 5th circuit in the spring of 1992 on page 417 of the Federal Reporter, volume 7, second series.

3)     Richards v. Stentworth may apply to a case your attorney is working on. It is located in volume 54 of Michigan Reports on page 143, and on page 315 of volume 118 of the 2nd series of North Western Reporter. The case was decided in 2011.

4)     The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York heard Clark Cable’s case against Vincent V. Morretti and the opinion can be located on page 241 of volume 9 in the 3rd series. The case was tried in 2015.

5)     The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the conviction in Bigwell versus the State of Colorado in October of 1999. The opinion is published in the second series of the regional reporter, page 62, volume 10.

6)     Milly Maples lost the case she filed against Shelly Sharker, and appealed to 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in 1996. This federal opinion can be located on page 30 of volume 400 in the 3rd series of this reporter.

7)     In 2012, Smythe Trapp won the appeal on his conviction for robbery in the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.  Opinion can be located in the 3rd series of the regional reporter, volume 33, page 159.

8)     Clifford Hancock lost his claim against Terrence Pike and appealed to the Massachusetts Appeals Court in 1981. The opinion is set forth in volume 212 of the regional reporter on page 154, and on page 126 of the official reporter, volume 19.

9)     The federal district court in the Central District of California heard Wrangler’s case against MacPherson in January of 2009. The opinion can be found on page 85, volume 262 of the correct series for this reporter.

10)  The Court of Special Appeals in Maryland heard the defendant’s appeal in the State’s case against James. N. Crickett in 1998. You have located the opinion in the 12th volume of the regional reporter on page 655, and on page 112 in volume five of the official reporter.


Section Five 10 points

Directions:  Using Figures 47 and 50 in the Legal Document Preparation Manual, prepare a Notice of Appeal and a Cover Page based on the following:   ISBN- 978-0-9637248-4-7

You work for Attorney Ichabod Ivanovski, Esq., a solo practitioner, whose office is located at 1201 XYZ Avenue, Midland, Texas, 00012.

Your client, Betty Matthews, was injured in a car accident and filed claim against trucker, Dawson Driver, in United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, File Number 7:19-CV-00-0.

The trial court entered judgment against your client on May 6, 2019 at which time your office was retained to appeal that decision.  The Fifth Circuit docketed the appeal under No. 19-5000X

Filing Dates:

(1)   Notice of Appeal filed May 23, 2019

(2)   Appellate Brief filed July 9, 2019


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