Panamy City Beach Consolidated Emergency Plan
2016-06-21 19:09
Use headings to organize and structure your writing.
Examples of a Paper Heading format:
Jurisdiction (Tailor to Your jurisdiction…give an overview)
Jurisdictional Characteristics (Tailor to Your Jurisdiction)
Jurisdictional Resources
Step 2: The Student should review the existing Jurisdictional Emergency Management Plan to identify the Risks & Hazards existing in the jurisdiction. The student should review the emergency plan, as well as the appendicies to the plan, to identify the primary vulnerabilities and hazards to your particular jurisdiction.
The student should elaborate on these particular vulnerabilities / hazards in their particular jurisdiction in a 3 page narrative form paper. The of the assessment tool below, used to rate the severity of the vulnerabilty / hazard, shown below is optional.
This assignment submission should be 3 pages in length double spaced. In text citations and a reference list should be included in this assignment. A minimum of three source citations is required.
Use paragraph, or narrative style writing, and make use of in text citations to support your main statements, or most important statements made, being sure that your in text citations and your reference list (at the end of the paper) are both in alignment with proper APA 6th edition citation form and style.
Identify the Hazards / Vulnerabilities in the Jurisdiction:
The Assessment tool rubric for assessing the hazards / vulnerabilities is as follows:
3=High Risk

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