organizational behavior assessments

You will need to complete a portfolio of assessments (22) as outlined in the attachments below.

These assessments are good tools to help you grasp and begin to understand the relevance of specific OB concepts in your life.

o As you complete each instrument and score it, your write up for each should focus on:

1) what the assessment measures,

2) what you discovered when completing the assessment (particularly, any surprises),

3) what the scores mean. If your reaction is typical (e.g., “I already knew this,” “I do not think this is true about me”) or you already possess the knowledge then you must elaborate. 4) How you have been using this knowledge and 5) how effective your strategies have been.

(Each assessment should be no more or less than one page)in length as you convey your understanding of the concepts that are relevant to the assessment and its impact on you as an employee/manager/HRD professional

Follow instructions on handout to include: 12 pica, single spaced, descriptive responses, and each assessment is to be one full page. Do not minimize or exceed limit.

o The final component of the 22 assessments is an evaluative summary. A 1-5 page cumulative evaluative final self-analysis should follow the completion the 22 assessments. This analysis is to cover your overall areas of strengths and weaknesses within each level of analysis and your plans to continue to grow and meet organizational behavior challenges. Conclude with ways in which this overall assessment profile serves as a basis for preparing career goals and development plans for employee and management success given the current trends that impact organizational behavior.

Also, I have attached a sample of the first assessment and you have to follow the way it’s done for each assessment.


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