Operation Management

Final Individual Assignment based on the project case “Turnaround at the Portland Plant. (Which is attached below)
” Make assumptions as necessary.
This means that this paper is to demonstrate evidence of everything that you have learned in your work on the Portland Plant case study.
This paper is to be four to five pages long, APA with at least five references (including the text book).
Slack, N., Jones, A. B., & Johnston, R. (2013). Operations management (6th ed.). Edinburgh Gate, Harlow UK: Pearson Education Inc.
Go to the Syllabus and review all of the Course Learning Outcomes.
Be sure to address what you learned and applied in the Portland Plant case to each of the Course Learning Outcomes.
You might want to consider having each of the course learning outcomes being a heading for your work. o Remember to include in this paper a recommendation for optimal “operations” planning and control activities to include technology suggestions (what, why, how, when); explain/justify your approach and include the process for operations verification (e.g. cycle counting).
Please answer these questions!!!
Reflective analysis is a process of critical thinking. The process includes: (1) recollection and interpretation of material; (2) relevance and practical application of concepts and methodologies; (3) organization and presentation. Write this assignment in the two page paperformat. Consider the following questions when writing the Reflective analysis:
* What are key concepts?
* Is there a relationship between various concepts and methodologies?
* Are there pros and cons?
* How do I feel about the topics?
* What concepts and methodologies can be applied in my work environment?
* What are potential consequences of applying (or not) such concepts and methodologies?
* How would I go about recommending concepts and methodologies to someone?
* Can material be summarized for a less knowledgeable audience?

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