nursing staff shortage – draft 1 |

The goal is for students to gain a better perspective of the issue, including historical context, current knowledge, and future nursing implications. The paper will be submitted in 3 parts (draft I, draft II, final), using APA format and include a title page, reference page(s), abstract, and page numbers. Each part will build upon the previous submission to result in 1 cohesive paper.

Part I: Introduction and Review of Literature The 1st paragraph should explain why the topic is important to nurses along with a definition of key terms related to the issue. This paragraph must include the thesis/purpose statement and should include 1 credible reference (i.e.; government or academic websites or peer-reviewed research articles). In the next 3-4 paragraphs, students will explore current (no more than 5 years old), peer-reviewed research articles regarding the topic. At least 3 articles should be included in this section and should NOT include meta-analyses or comprehensive literature reviews. Articles should focus on how nurses and/or organizations are addressing this issue.


1. Introduction

Clearly explains the issue and its significance to nurses/nursing practice and/or society. At least one credible reference is used to support the issue.

2. Purpose

Student provides a clear and concise purpose statement. Relevant key terms are defined.

3. Summary of Literature

Author provides a substantial summary of the existing literature on the chosen issue using his/her own words. Summary is well organized and supports the purpose statement.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

4. Sources

Author uses at least 3 peer-reviewed research articles AND sources are current (published in last 5 years)

5. Use of APA

Perfect APA: author provides a title page and reference page which are free of APA errors AND In-text citations are in APA style throughout paper AND there is no plagiarism.

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