Nursing note for a pt in this case. A pregnant mother of 20 …

Nursing note for a pt in this case.A pregnant mother of 20 years, gestational diabetic, with 38 weeks of gestation isadmitted for cesarean section, due to a previous cesarean section by CPD. She practices theC-section 16 hours ago. She taxes 2, For 2, abortions 0. She is married. Height 5′ weight 120lbs,American nationality.
Temperature 37.5 centigrade, pulse 85, blood pressure 110/70. vaginal bleedingmoderate with clots, uterine involution (uterus at the level of the navel), soft breasts,has foley catheter drained, amber yellow urine, NPO, IV fluids coming downthe vein, right peripheral, the area appears clean and dry.
Abdomen sensitive to touch, vertical suprapubic incision, clean and dry. She has peristalsis,she looks tearful with a lot of pain (scale of 9), and she is afraid that her wound will not healall right; and anxiety because her 5-year-old son is being cared for by her mother-in-law and she thinks that the childshe needs. She refuses to get out of bed because she says it hurts so much that she doesn’t want toask the nurse to help her get up, she is afraid of falling.Sugar levels are at 120mgs. Hgb 12g/dl. Plagiarism Free Papers
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