nursing multidimensional care 4

Module 01 Assignment – Presentation on DementiaModule 01 ContentScenarioAs a manager on a medical surgical unit, part of the job responsibility includes chart audits.A trend noted during the most recent audit was the overuse of the term ?dementia.? The nurse manager notes that there may be a lack of understanding between the types dementia as related to neurological diseases.The nurse manager developed a survey to evaluate the staff?s understanding of the different types of dementia. As a result of the survey, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation to increase the nurse?s awareness of the types of dementia a presentation was created.InstructionsChooseÿoneÿof the following topics for a focused presentation:Alzheimer?sParkinson?sVascular DementiaThe presentation should include the following:PathophysiologyEtiology & incidenceHealth promotion and maintenanceHistory/Risk factorsPhysical signs and symptomsChanges in cognitionChanges in behavior & personalityChanges in self-management skillsDiagnostics: laboratory and imaging assessmentPlanning and implementationInterprofessional Collaborative CarePsychosocial integrityMedicationsSafety considerationsUsing Ignatavicius and one additional resource, develop a presentation to enhance the nurses? knowledge of the differences between types of dementia and delirium. Be sure to document your source(s) in your presentation.please include 2 or 3 picturesResourcesNursing ResearchPowerPoint Writing Guide


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