NSG6204 South University Group Diversity and Method of Assessment Questions

  • Thanks for sharing the aspects of diversity in your learner population. This is a very important piece to consider when teaching a large group. When you talk about assessment methods, how do you think the interviews might be conducted?

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Group Diversity

As indicated by the above discussion, I am handling a highly diversified group. It is a group that contains all races across the world with different diversity of culture. When I mention across the globe, then I mean groups across the seven continents. Diversity also comes in the sense that; the group has a broad range in ages i.e., 20-35years. Besides, one of the important aspects captured by my assessment relates to gender diversity within the group. It is a balanced group with both genders.

Furthermore, diversity within my group is indicated by the difference in socio-economic setting and the social setting of my students. This could be easily identified by the variation of student’s financial background by just looking at one’s lifestyle. I believe the greatest diversity identified among my group will enable me to shape my teaching approach and strategies in various ways. Diversity is going to redefine my teaching language and communication tools to be used. This is one of the important aspects that I have recognized as some of my students are non-native English speakers and thus, might not fully participate in-class sessions. Therefore, I will ensure that I use simple language that every group can be conversant to while teaching them. Also, the choice of instructional tool choice will depend on diversity. For example; ‘it would be pointless to use technological tools that cannot be operated or applied by some members of my group. The major aim should be to ensure that the needs of the diverse group are all met.’

Method of Assessment

My assessment method will use multiple approaches to ensure that I comprehensively cover the needs of my students. These will include using direct teaching methods like asking learners questions to determine their learning. Besides, my indirect methods of assessment will aim at reflecting on students’ learning progress. One of the direct methods of assessing students will involve subjecting my students to a test. Another method for indirect approach will involve administering interviews to engage understanding of my students. However, these methods of assessment have some multiple constraints as the methods are expensive. Also, the inadequacy of grading the achievement from the evaluation is another constraint.

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