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Essay Test due Friday, March 27, 2020
Oedipus & Antigone, pps. 681-756Aristotleâ??s Poetics, pps. 1102-1106
We have covered Oedipus in class and most of Antigone in class, as well. Youshould have received notes via email (or published on Canvas) concerning yourtext’ss abridged version of Poetics, along with some added notes from me.Obviously, the nature of a test has changed because we are online for the restof the semester. It is important that you keep up with my notes and yourreading per the syllabus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
OK. Test no.3 will be essay. I am looking forward to an expanded, in-depth,honest effort from you that reveals your complete understanding of the aboveassignments over the last few weeks. No short cuts, please. No generalities. Iwill have on to detect any plagiarism. But due to the nature ofthis test, I donâ??t expect any plagiarism.
Write a three-five page essay on your understanding of Tragedy, what componentsmake it work, what determines the quality of it, why Tragedy is considered thegreatest form of art. Do you agree it is the greatest form of art? The closestto the human condition? Why or Why not? Of the heroes given to us in the aboveworks, which do you think is the greater one? Why?Essay is due Friday, March 27. In case there is a problem with
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