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Review the following videos for help submitting your Individual Project:
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Welcome back, Scientists! Chemistry is all around us. This week, you will explore the impact of pH by conducting simulated lab and field tests. 

Start this week with the Unit 2 Learning Path in intellipath® (located in the Assignments list). Here, you will be taught the following fundamental aspects of chemistry that you will need to complete this week’s lab activity, the Unit 2 Individual Project:

Acids and bases
Acid rain

Continue on to the Unit 2 Individual Project (instructions below): 
Don’t forget to read! You will learn more about the basics of chemistry, such as the following: 

Types of elements
Chemical bonds
Chemical reactions                   

Don’t be a stranger! Your instructor loves hearing from you. Let them know how you are doing this week, and touch base with any questions you might have. You’re doing great!

Lab 2: Measuring pH Levels
For this assignment, you will use the Unit 2 Measuring pH Levels Learning Module to complete the Unit 2 Lab Report worksheet. You will be conducting simulated lab and field tests to determine pH levels of collected samples.

If you haven’t already, download the Lab Report worksheet.
Then, view the Unit 2 Lab: Measuring pH Levels to complete the virtual lab and Lab Report worksheet.
Submit your completed assignment in one of the following ways:

Upload your completed Lab Report.
Upload an image with your completed Lab Report.
Type in your responses to the Lab Report in the IP submission text box.

View the Individual Project Demo for guidance on how to submit your Lab Report as an Individual Project via the Virtual Classroom or the CTU Mobile app.
Assignment-Specific Grading Criteria
SCI103 Unit 2 Individual Project Grading CriteriaMax PointsThe pH values, solutions, and acid/base identifications are accurate.
The three lake pH’s are accurate, and the two most acidic lakes are identified correctly.
Three to five sentences are used to describe acids found in the home and their common attributes.
Three to five sentences are used to describe bases found in the home and their common attributes.
Three to five sentences are used to explain what acid rain is. Data from Part 1 is used to discuss how each lake’s location causes varying impacts of acid rain.
The acidic concentration change from pH 6 to pH 3 is given correctly, and environmental impacts of this change are accurately presented in 3–5 sentences.
Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively.
Total points earned:

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