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The secret behind Latin-jazz: The origin a new and remarkable taste of Music. Stan Getez Vs dizzy Gillespie A brief History towards to more popularity expanding jazz and thesis of who brought most of such genera of music to exist.

Paper Term:

The term paper must be typed in Word format, double-spaced; 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman Font, and five pages in length, not including the bibliography. The paper must include reference to at least three varied outside sources whose information is integrated into the writing. Your subject and a debatable thesis must be cleared through me before proceeding. I would suggest sending your draft to me by email for review. Please include at least one example of indented long quotations, in-text citation and a bibliography. Your subject could be an obscure artist, a record label, an era, or an instrument with the artists that brought it to prominence. Basically anything that deals with jazz as the central subject. 

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