Museum Project

Museum Project

Museum Project 

Choose a work of art to analyze using the methodology you have learned during the course of the semester.

The following link will provide a list of museums/site links in the DFW area (Links to an external site.)

All major museums have toured their collections in a virtual format containing high-resolution images, information regarding the works, and research databases. A virtual museum tour provides the opportunity to travel outside of their immediate, geographical location to visit museums from across the world and experience art from various cultures. The following link will provide a list of museums and virtual tours. (Links to an external site.)

. I suggest taking the time to absorb what is there, rather than jumping to the task at hand. As you begin to encounter works that pique your interest, compare and contrast each piece, relying upon the course’s lessons.
also tasked with objectively analyzing the artwork will help substantiate your own subjective thoughts and viewpoints with clarity.

Use the Five Point Method to begin objectively viewing artworks. Address each point provided and take notes.
1. Description: A detailed account of a work of art from an objective point of view its physical attributes and formal construction.
2. Analysis: A detailed look at a work of art that combines physical attributes with subjective statements based on the viewers reaction to the work.
3.  Context: Historical, biographical, religious, or environmental information that surrounds a work of art and helps to understand the works meaning.
4. Meaning: A statement of the works content. A message or narrative expressed by the subject matter.
5. Judgment: A critical point of view about a work of art concerning its aesthetic or cultural value.

Points of consideration that should be addressed and included when executing the assignment. (These are supported by the information gleaned from the Five Point Method.)
1. Why you chose the piece and your initial thoughts regarding it. 20 pts
2. An analysis of the pertinent elements and principles that frame and support the work. 20 pts
3. Contextual information that informs the reader as to the background of the piece. 20 pts
4. What you believe the meaning of the piece to be. (Use the previously gathered information to assist and support you in this step.) 20 pts
5. Do you consider the piece to have merit or cultural significance? Is it capable of reaching across cultural barriers and taking upon a universal meaning to all? Does it relate to today in any manner, or is it only speaking of the time in which it was created? 20pts

Content requirements
The assignment must be three to four pages in length. The contents will include    in this order:
a. An introduction and summary regarding the experience
b. The analysis of the artwork. The greater portion of the paper should focus on and address this portion.
c. A conclusion that addresses the merits and significance of the artwork.
d. You will include a colored, high-resolution image of the piece.
a. The image must be properly cited (underneath the image) with Name of the artist, title of the work, medium, and date of execution.
b. The image with citation must be on a separate page following the conclusion. Do not place it before or within the body of the paper.
e. A bibliography and works cited page listing all resources and citations. This will also include the links to virtual tours and any resources utilized in their databases.

1. The paper will be double spaced using a 12pt font and formatted according to MLA.
2. Quotes will be limited to only two, kept to a three-sentence maximum, and must be properly cited.
3. This is a college academic assignment that should reflect the expected level of scholarship. Two points will be deducted for each occurrence of the following infractions:
a. Capitalization
b. Grammar
c. Punctuation
d. Utilizing text message abbreviations ex. IMHO


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