movie review

movie review

You will be required to submit an essay on the film that we watched at the last lecture.

The essays must be submitted before Tuesday noon, a late review will result in lower grades — but only one day of being late will be allowed, the essays are not accepted afterward.

Other general requirements (from the syllabus) :

These essays will be graded according to the following criteria:

1) insightfulness of thesis,

2) clarity and eloquence of expression,

3) spelling and grammar.

Please proofread your reviews before turning them in. ANY spelling or grammatical errors will result in a lower grade.

General tip: try to develop your thesis statement as clearly and strongly as possible. Do not retell the film — look at it from a critical perspective (this doesn’t mean that you have to focus on what you see as its shortcomings, you may and should also stress its positive qualities).


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