Read: Beginning below, you will read the short scenario that provides background, opinions from managers, survey information, and theory (from one of the business management books). It then proposes a Mini Case scenario made up of a hypothetical situation involving employees. Finally, based on the background and case scenario, it asks you to respond and answer a discussion question (an application of learn-by-doing).

My expectations: For each Mini Case Assignment, I am expecting a minimum, ½ page, individually written (on a new, blank document), and thoughtful response uploaded to the appropriate Mini Case Assignment location


Goals help managers translate general intentions into specific actions. Debra Mesch defines a goal as a plan for a desired outcome.1 And goal-setting theory posits that people who set goals perform more effectively than those who do not set goals.2 David Chag, GM of the Country Club of Brookline, Massachusetts, states, “Goals establish an end result, a direction of pursuit, a method of measurement, and foster team work and achievement. Goals help us perform beyond our capabilities and keep us on focused when the going gets tough.”

There are many benefits of goal setting. Some of the more notable advantages of goal setting that managers can benefit from include these:

Goals help to direct attention and actions because they give managers a target.3 People can become confused if they do not have a specific goal toward which to direct their efforts. Goals nurture an atmosphere that produces specific results within specific time periods.

Goals are useful in helping people perform at peak levels. Setting goals makes managers aware of the mental, emotional, and physical energy they will need for the task and encourages them to conserve and mobilize energy carefully.

Goals can help bolster persistence. The absence of strong goals can distract from one’s mission and foster a temptation to quit when facing a challenge.

Goals aid managers in developing innovative strategies. Club managers that set important goals will be surprised at how ingenious they can be in devising their strategies to reach their goals

Goal setting will provide managers with a short and long-term game plan. If set properly and realistically, managers can map out their futures with their clubs, or effect plans to achieve other aspirations.

Goals can assist in preventing stress. A comprehensive goals program can help avoid burnout and produce positive feelings.

You may know her. Susan is a big-picture person—a visionary. As vice president and creative director of one of the oldest, most prestigious advertising agencies in the Midwest, she is also president of the 900-member club where you are the chief operating officer and general manager. She has a vision for the club—a picture of the club in the year 2020. She paints with words how things will be—white-glove service, flowers at every tee, walnut paneling in the library, soft colors in the dining room, oriental rugs in the great lounge. The board overwhelmingly supports her plan. She turns to you and says, “Make it happen.”

Gulp! You have been on the job three months and know:

The service staff is mostly part-time students that average six months at the club before moving on.

The tee boxes are irrigated from the roughs by large, 10-gallon-per-minute, impact sprinklers.

Termites have been discovered in the existing roof joists above the library

The wall paint in the dining room contains dangerous levels of lead

The great lounge roof leaks. When one of the engineers was in the attic trying to repair the leak, he noticed that the sprinkler-system water pipes (fire protection) are wrapped in asbestos.

For the past 10 years, the club general managers have also served as club treasurer. You notice that the reserve for capital replacements and projects account for the 50,000 squarefoot clubhouse has not been funded for 10 years and that the account balance is $13,000.

Assuming that you do not immediately subscribe to the Managerial Openings List and begin a job search, how can goal setting help you achieve that vision? Using the list of benefits of goal setting as a guide, identify five top issues (considerations) that you will use as guiding principles to help formulate your plan.


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