MGTU 301 Paper #2 Length: Paper: 3-4 double-spaced pages (ex…

MGTU 301 Paper #2
Length: Paper: 3-4 double-spaced pages (excluding title and references pages)Due: Week 7 by Sunday Midnight (Assignments folder)Value: 175 Points
According to Peter Senge, learning organizations encourage a holistic approach to understanding and leading organizations called ‘systems thinking.’ Systems thinking stems from the tenets of system theory where each process integrates with all the others. Basically, it means the ability to see the big picture and to be able to see the interrelationships between what might, at first, seem to be completely unrelated.
Systems thinking focuses on how the individual that is being studied interacts with the other constituents of the system. Rather than focusing on the individuals within an organization, it prefers to look at a larger number of interactions within the organization and in between organizations as a whole. Figure 2.4 (page 62) and 10.3 (page 188) in your textbook illustrate how four parts of a system integrate to help us evaluate, lead and change business processes and functions for the better. For this paper, you are going to analyze your readiness for change, or that of an organization in which the change needs to occur.
Paper GuidelinesPrepare and submit 3-4 page paper that briefly describes a change at school, work or another area of your life and apply the systems model. A well-constructed paper will reference 3 or more scholarly sources including at least 1 journal article such as those assigned and retrieved from Brandmans virtual library, and adhere to APA standards.

What Is Systems Thinking? – Peter Senge Explains Systems Thinking Approach And Principles

Peter Senge and the learning organization

Figure 2.2 and 10.3 in your textbook (pictured below)Figure 2.2
Figure 10.3
Introduction/ DescriptionIn no more than one page, describe the situation or *business (can be current, past or future) in need of change. In the description, position yourself as the leader, and give a good summary of the situation.*examples of businesses that you might consider for this assignment:Current place of workFuture place of workDream jobChurch groupsSports teamsSpecial projects for schoolNeighborhood groups or organizationsAd-hoc committeesBoard membershipsClubs (i.e Book Club, Running Club)Social groups
Application:Systems Thinking- Provide a thorough analysis of each of the four components of systems (Inputs, Target Elements of Change, Outputs and Feedback). Which of the four components is the lowest? Why? Be specific.Prediction- How do you think this will affect the success of the particular change? Be specific.
Reflection Analysis:Readiness: Who seems to be most ready, you (components 1 and 2) or the organization (components 3 and 4)?Recommendation/s: Given the readiness, measure tells you, what do you recommend to improve your and/or your organizations readiness? Plagiarism Free Papers
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