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Merck needs to keep its distribution channel for Mectizan at is expense. At first, Merck should restructure itself into administrative and distribution structure. The administrative structure will entail Mectizan Expert committee (MEC), Mectizan Donation Program Secretariat and Merck Office of Contribution. Then, contribution office will carry out all logistical, shipping and custom matters (Sturchio and Colatrella, 2002, 265). The Merck will solicit some financial and distribution help by collaborating with government, World Health Organization (WHO), local communities and non-governmental development organization. The partnerships will ease distribution capacity faced by Merck in late 1980s and early 1990s. For instance, collaborating with WHO will enable Merck improve its distribution towards meeting the onchocerciasis estimates of 18 million people instead of its earlier target of 1.5 million (Hanson and Weiss, 1991, 2[D]). Merck at one will require more resources to distribute Mectizan especially in the remote areas. Thus, Merck needs to collaborate with donor such as governments and non-governmental development

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