Mental Wellness Throughout the Life Span

Order InstructionsMental Wellness Throughout the Life SpanFor the second assignment, reflect on what mental wellness can look like throughout your life cycle. Each stage of our life cycle looks different, and therefore our mental wellness approach will need to evolve with it. The first step, which will happen for some of you sooner than others, will involve graduation from college. Picture that scenario, then moving to a new city, starting a career, finding a new group of friends, dating someone new, and adapting to life as a working member of society.
Remember, even happy events that cause a change in your life can be stressful.
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Explore your personal stressors and mental wellness plan.
Include each of the following points in your assignment:
· Create a journal in which you identify three protentional stressors
· What was the cause of these stressors?
· How did you react to these stressors?
· Why is it important to start working on these stressors now as opposed to later in life?
· How can your mental wellness plan help you overcome these stressors?
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