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Genealogy Discussion (15%, Primary Post due Friday/Peer response on Saturday CO 2, 4, 5/MO 1)

  • You will be obtaining a family history on an individual with a focus on potential health and genetic concerns
  • Focus on a completion of a narrative history and development of a pictorial of your patient’s pedigree.

Assignment Writers PROMPT

The student will obtain a Medical Family History including a Pedigree.

This assignment may be completed on a patient, relative or on a friend/acquaintance.

The project will have two components to the initial post (may be written as a paper but please cut and paste into discussion board)–.

Narrative: 75%

    • Patient interview that explores hereditary conditions
      • Document both those conditions that the patient acknowledges and those that they deny
    • Narrative Discussion that provides a “processing” of the information from your interview
    • Patient Demographics (do not include patient name or real DOB
    • Review of pertinent Patient History findings
    • Review of pertinent Family History
    • Synopsis of the major health and genetic disorders identified
    • Brief Educational Summary provided to the patient based on ONE of the risks identified.

Pedigree (pictorial genogram) 15%

    • Provide:
    • A pictoral Pedigree
    • Including:
    • 3 generations of family.
    • Age of Patient
    • Relationship of family members
    • Health status of family members
    • Alive (age) or deceased (age of death & cause of death)
    • Known hereditary diseases for each family member
    • Symbol Key that describes sex, family relationships, Death illness or similar diseased, color use
    • Format of the Pedigree is individualized

Formating: APA/Grammar/Scholarly Presentation & Peer Response: 10%


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