Meal planning and service | Education homework help

Create a video illustrating the setting up and serving a simple
breakfast in the correct service order (artificial foods/pictures ) may be used. (20pts for correct
table setting ,use of correct table appointments etc.(20 pts) for correct order of service and (5pts)
for creative folding of a napkin
Order of doing work:
1. Plan the menu – Ensure that you write the selected dishes in capital letters and the correct order in which they should be served. e.g. Pineapple Juice, Scrambles Eggs. Write selected dishes one under the other as in the sample menu in your notes.
2. Look at the dishes that you have chosen at ‘1’ above and determine the cutlery and other table appointments you will need e.g. tumbler/glass knife, fork, breakfast plate.
3. You can now set your place setting(cover) on your table or as we discussed in class draw the table appointments in their correct positions, based on what you view online, concerning table setting. If you set your cover at home, then you’ll need to post a picture in Google classroom.
4. Fold your napkin, using a creative fold – See various napkin folds online and choose one. You will bring your folded napkin to class for marking.

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