Maternity Leave Policy and Practice

Chapter 3A) Chapter three includes a lot of census data. Choose one table or figure in this chapter and describe what the data presented means to you?B) What are the benefits of men taking paternity leave? for men? for women? for families?C) What are the benefits of calling this kind of leave PARENTAL leave? What implications does this have if both men and women take a leave that is called the same thing? What might be unintended consequences of this?D) Opting out! One of the current event issues we see in the news is the idea that women who have the economic or financial means may opt out of the work place; they may have a baby and then decide not to go back to work? If this happens frequently, what does this mean for organizations? What does it mean for HR managers? What about those women who would like to stay home but cannot afford to do so?Chapter 4A) What is one health issue for women identified and discussed in this chapter? Why is it important?B) What is one health issue for babies identified and discussed in this chapter? Why is it important?C) What is the optimal length of leave for maternity leave? What is your opinion, and why?Assignment 2 10 pointsDiscussion questions over Chapters 5, 6, 7Chapter 5A)What is the research question?B) What is the snowballing technique?C) What is a purposive sample?D) How do we check for reliability and validity in qualitative research?E) How do we protect confidentiality and anonymity?F) What does Dr. Gordon say is the most poignant and telling finding of the interviews?G) What are the study limitations?Chapter 6Which is your favorite interview? Least favorite? Why?Chapter 7A) What themes are identified in Chapter 7? What do they mean?B) When you read Chapter 6, did you identify other themes that Dr. Gordon did not discuss in Chapter 7?C) What is your favorite photo in Chapter 7 and why?D) Compare cover photo on the book, with photo 7.4. Why are these photos so different? What is the major point do you think Dr. Gordon is trying to make with these photos?Assignment 3Discussion questions over Chapters 8, 9, 10Chapter 8Pick one of the chapter 8 interviews and discuss the implications of what that person had to say about Maternity Leave. What information did you see that was different? the same? from the main/complete interviews included in Chapter 6. Why was it important to include these interviews in Chapter 8?Chapter 9Chapter 9 offers the international perspective. If you are an international student or have knowledge about maternity leave in another country, describe what happens there in your own country when a woman has a baby? Does she leave work temporarily? Is her leave paid? Who cares for her newborn? Why do you think the US lags behind other countries in offering paid time off for maternity leave? If you are not an international student describe what you are most surprised by in this chapter? What questions do you have for our international students?Chapter 10A)What can you do to help improve the status of women in the workplace when she needs/wants to take maternity leave?B) Pretend you are a future HR manager, how would reading this book help to prepare you for such responsibilities?Assignment 4 (20 points)Read Maternity Leave: Policy and Practice and Writing Public Policy. For this assignment you are to Read both books and focus on Chapter 6 in the Writing Public Policy book—Position Paper—Know the Arguments. You are to write a 5-8 page paper that takes a position—not just for or against PAID maternity leave—but you must “argue to aID your position to the debate and to the possibilities.” (Smith, p 120) Your argument should be constructed to convince others to accept your position. You cannot just support the position(s) found in the book, rather, you must critically analyze the book and provide support for your position.    “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Maternity Leave Policy and Practice appeared first on Nursing Paper Desk.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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