Marketing healthcare prespective unit 2 project (15 slides)

Health care organizations realize that they have target audiences that they need to tailor their messages to. For example, a sports rehab would likely target high school and colleges with sports programs as part of their marketing efforts.
For this assignment, consider the role of a health care manager at a skilled nursing facility in your city or county. You have been asked to give a presentation to the leadership team on how to better reach your target audience—the aging population and seniors. The presentation should address the following:

The demographics on this group in your area (e.g., overall percent of the population over 65 or 75, male and female in the group, or average income)
The main types of insurance for this target group
Approaches to marketing to this specific target audience
Challenges to overcome in reaching the target group
Approaches to retaining this target group as a long-term client or patient

Provide a Reference slide with 3–5 academic sources.

Title slide: Remember the running head. The title should be in all capitals.
Length: 15 slides minimum
Body slides: –
Reference slide: 

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