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What is the research on:

Identify an issue in regards to school involvement, spirit, measure the rate of school spirit, what factors are potentially affecting it, and discover ways in which we can improve the overall perceptions.

Background on what the paper is:


California State University, Northridge is 1 of 23 campuses of the California state colleges established in 1958. As of 2018, Northridge has a total undergraduate enrollment of 35,552 students with a four-year graduation rate of 10%. On the CSUN website, it states, “California State University, Northridge offers bachelor’s degrees in 133 disciplines, 84 master’s degree options, and doctorates in educational leadership and physical therapy” (CSUN). The college encourages all students, in and out of state, and international students to explore the available degree programs so that they can learn and gain knowledge that pertains to their future career goals. The college does provide a number of useful services for its students so that they can advance with the best college experience. The university opens their doors for a number of incoming students as far as recent high-school graduates, international students, veterans, individuals who have taken a break from school, or those coming back to finish their degrees.


As a marketing research team finishing up our last semesters at CSUN, we have noticed over the years a lack of participation, involvement, and sense of pride on our college campus. While our campus does provide a variety of organizations such as sports, greek life, and interest group clubs, there is not a large enough participation rate as we would like to see. It has become apparent that many students consider our public university as anything but a traditional college as it has been titled a “commuter school”, since it is located in the center of many large cities driving distance from the campus. Our team has established that this report should be of value to CSUN because the research collected has been able to identify the matter at hand, along with the diagnoses of the problem that leads to useful information. The purpose of this market research report is to clearly define the issue in the lack of participation and involvement, detect the reasons as to why CSUN students believe so, and design and create methods in which we can improve the overall perceptions of the campus for our students. We find that it is important for our college university to create an environment where the students feel as if they are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the CSUN community. Our goal is to present these findings to CSUN so they can implement our recommended designs that could encourage the view of the institution as a university that offers a number of opportunities for improvement, acceptance, and enjoyment for its current and new incoming students.


Justify the choice of the research strategy (in terms of strengths and weaknesses relative to alternative research designs). Describe the research design you used and why it was chosen. If it involves an iterative process, please also describe it.


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