Mapping Ideologies: Fascism, Indigenous and Democracy, writing homework help

Prof. Chirot’s lecture used a helpful diagram of mapping State Power vs. Equality of Individuals. I have posted Prof. Chirot’s slides. Prof. Lucero lectured on the ways that “Imperial Eyes” do not see the native, the indigenous among us. We have read Deloria’s God is Red. Deloria paints a picture of indigenous genocide and the ways religion was used to cooperate in this process. Prof. Lucero sketches how religion can be used to “see” the Native and to resist genocide.
In this discussion, use Prof. Chirot’s diagram to discuss how indigenous people’s go unseen. What are the resources that reverse that process? Do these resources come from modern political or religious projects? Or, are there resources in idigenous thinking that can help us become, as we have discussed, more cross tribal?
Finally, what would it mean to our culture, your culture, to “see” the indigenous in our midst? How would that change us–not only as people but our approach to culture, nature and politics? 
200-300 words. 

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