Makrting plan: Environment analysis

Makrting plan: Environment analysis

What are the key environmental factors that influence your market (e.g. demographic, economic, technology, political/regulatory, social/cultural trends)? Only examine the 2-3 factors that are most relevant to your product or service. You will not have space to address all the environmental factors. Supported arguments with quantified and/or statistical references.

I need to write a Marketing plan for Environment analysis (Enviornment factors) part:

our product:  Our product is an automated treat dispenser for training your puppy. It is a small, durable plastic pouch that releases treats with the press of a button. This pouch can attach to a leash or a belt loop and is most convenient when training your puppy.

I will post the powerpoint about environment  analysis of my lecture and rebuic about this marketing plan,

My work: environment factors: economic, culture and political (three factors, the other factors are my partern’s work)

And also I will give two previous example about this marketing plan, you can see how they write the environment.


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