long-term care.

long-term care.

Please submit your responses in the form of an MS Word document to the corresponding week’s assignments submission tool. Do not forget APA formatting, citations, and references/sources.

1. List and describe the three determinants for long-term care.

2.  Visit the Medicare Website (https://www.medicare.gov) Briefly (in 4-5 paragraphs), describe the program as it stands today.

3. Briefly describe the functions of financing, insurance, delivery, and payment.

4. Research the Indian Health Service (https://www.ihs.gov)  program and briefly describe the plan.

5. Research two insurance companies online – one HMO and one PPO. Compare and contrast their differences.

6. Why did the POS and PPO plans grow in popularity? Please briefly explain.

7. Think back to a time when health technology made an impact on the quality of life of someone you know. Briefly discuss the situation and type of technology.

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