Local Food Is Not Always The Best Choice.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Local Food Is Not Always The Best Choice. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. These foods reach the consumers immediately the harvest them thus no nutrients lost due to cases of processing and packaging (Martinez 34). The foods are fresh, as they do not undergo chemical food preservation methods that kill most of the nutrients. Additives on preserved foods can cause harm to the health of individuals.
Wide local food consumption, supports farmers greatly as they sell their products and little or none goes to waste. In a book by Tracey Ryder- Edible: a celebration of local foods, Americans support their producers portrays respect and appreciation for one another. Farmers return the favor by working hard to meet the needs of most Americans who are loyal customers. Organizations formed by the government help the farmers greatly by providing them with the necessary resources such as fertilizers (Chen 36). The government also supports farmers by free educative campaigns on better farming methods. These organizations also create a platform for farmers to market their produce.
The local foods produced to offer a wide and better variety of products to the consumers. George Kent in a book- Freedom from want: the human right to adequate food explains that local foods offer much food to people and in enough amounts. Due to competition in the local market, farmers grow different types of foods. All these benefit the consumers as the foods become readily available and in plenty. The varieties include cereals, grains, seafood, meat, milk products, and more. On the other hand, imported foods are not available in all these varieties. Most of the global foods are not in plenty thus not available to all consumers. Therefore, the variety makes local foods the best option (Shulman 87).

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Another major reason why local foods are the best is that they create job opportunities for most Americans within the country. The industry of local food production is big and involves a large labor force. Farmers have lifetime jobs to ensure citizens get food constantly. Processers of these foods earn a living through local food production (Kent 90).
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