Literary Nonfiction Essay

The task is to write a creative writing piece that surrounds the similar topic presented in the essay “The Myth of the Latin Women: I Just Met A Girl Named Maria.” The topic discussed in this essay is the Latin stereotypes. The Writing piece should not in any way analyze the given essay, the topic should only be inspired by it. Can you please write creative writing based on a personal narrative that discusses my personal story of facing Arab stereotypes. Can you talk about how Arabs face discrimination when traveling and provide or create personal anecdotes. One example can be that Muslim Arabs are faced with “dirty looks” or when a woman wears a hijab when traveling, the waitresses treat her differently. Also the simple stereotype for Arabs that they are “lazy” or not “hard-working: You can also think of or research more examples. Can you please present those examples in a narrative way or personal anecdote, can include dialogue, etc. Please try to use creative stylistic devices. Then you can also elaborate on how stereotypes exist in daily lives and how we should try to avoid them.

Additionally, if you may please also add works cited page at the bottom. In-text citations are not needed.

Note from teacher: REMEMBER YOU MAY NOT USE STANDARD argumentation. You cannot do your typical five-paragraph essay. You are looking for a unique and creative way to express your thoughts on the topic at hand.
REMEMBER — YOU MAY NOT WRITE A TRADITIONAL FIVE-PARAGRAPH ARGUMENT. This needs to be creative and engaging, using rhetorical strategies and a rhetorical mode that shapes what you have to say. Imagine you are writing for a magazine.


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