Leadership and management issues in health care (nursing )



 Nurses across Canada have experienced the loss of patients, colleagues, family, and friends as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a sense of isolation, as well as anxiety and fear of contracting the virus and/or communicating it to their loved ones. Within this context, the CNFU (2020) published a report from a pre-CVID world that illustrates a dangerous landscape where many nurses are overworked, burnt out and struggling with mental health issues. Simply put, it appears the pandemic has made a bad situation worse.


One of the positive things to emerge from the pandemic, however, has been the strengthening of professional relationships across the health care sector. This is particularly evident between long-term care nurses and acute care nurses. For example, in Nova Scotia, dozens and dozens of nurses demonstrated leadership in the crisis by responding to the call for help from the long-term care sector by leaving their home settings to work for limited periods in the long-term care sector where the need was great. This speaks to the ability of nurses to be resilient and responsive to the rallying cry in health care.


Considering the pandemic context, and based on the readings in Lesson 1.1, describe an anecdote that you have observed or participated in, that demonstrates leadership in your work setting. If possible, describe how nurses are leading the way with courage and confidence to help things get better and prevent complacency.


Please read and follow the instructions very well 

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