Last weekend I went to the beach with a friend. Tense/gramma…

1. Last weekend I went to the beach with a friend. Tense/grammar point:Usage:2. The delivery will have arrived by next Sunday. Tense/grammar point:Usage:3. She is studying French at night class. Tense/grammar point:Usage:4. I’ll get the phone!Tense/grammar point:Usage:5. You should study on a regular and consistent basis to learn effectively. Tense/grammar point:Usage:6. Many tons of tropical fruit are exported from Thailand annually. Tense/grammar point:Usage:7. We like eating bizarre foods. Tense/grammar point:Usage:8. Can you speak any other languages?Tense/grammar point:Usage:9. We are playing football on Saturday afternoon. Tense/grammar point:Usage:10. Mozart had mastered the piano by the time he was six.Tense/grammar point:Usage:11. You said that you were busy.Tense/grammar point:Usage:12. Sorry – I’ll be washing my hair!Tense/grammar point:Usage:13. I have been studying astronomy for many years.Tense/grammar point:Usage:14. She was washing her hair at the time.Tense/grammar point:Usage:

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