international trade law 6

(Preliminary information provided in the attached file)

You have to write a legal brief (i.e. submission) on behalf of a real or fictional stakeholder of your choice. Stakeholders may include:

  • Third country governments and public bodies
  • non-government organisations and other non-commercial entities
  • peak industry bodies and unions
  • • firms and individuals with special interests

  • academics and other individuals without vested interests
  • Stakeholders are invited to consider and comment on the commercial, economic, regional and other impacts that could be expected to arise from a future trade deal. In your submission, you may wish to focus on specific market access challenges and other issues of importance in doing business with the region involved.

    Possible issues stakeholders may wish to address include:

    • goods market access (tariffs and quotas) • biosecurity and food safety issues

  • regulatory issues
  • • customs procedures

  • cross-border trade in services
  • financial services
  • • investment, including investor-state dispute settlement

    • government procurement

  • intellectual property, including geographical indications
  • barriers to trade in emerging and innovative industries such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, IT incubators
  • • movement of persons

    • competition policy

  • sustainable development
  • any other issue you wish to raise (including broad geopolitical dynamics)

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