inter bus (lesson 1)

Lesson 1

Activity 1: Market Entry Strategy Project:

In your small group select a country that interests you. You will need to do library research and internet searches for this activity. For the country your team is researching, integrate your answers to the following questions into your completed MESP report. Your report should be between 3 -5 pages, double spaced. Each member of the team should contribute to the report so that it sounds like one voice, not four disjointed reports.

                          1. Is the nation the home base of any large multinational companies?
                          2. How is globalization influencing the country’s jobs and wages, its income inequality, and
                          3. its culture, sovereignty, and physical environment?
                          4. How does the country rank in terms of its degree of globalization?
                          5. What benefits can the country offer to businesses seeking a new market or production base?Activity 2: Practicing International Management Case Study

1. Work with a small group to read through the case. Then discuss the two questions.

2. Share what you discussed with the class in an instructor led discussion.

Activity 3: Where in the World Is It?

Understanding where countries are located in the world is essential to developing an understanding and appreciation for International Business. Location, climate, proximity to transportation, and other issues have a major impact on what business can occur and what resources are available for business.

Work with your group to complete the Map exercise in the appendix of Chapter 1. Study the maps in the text. You will need this information as you move on to study the effect of culture, economics and politics.

Submit MESP report in Moodle. Upload report to each member’s Moodle site.


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