Innovate Phase

Topic: Innovate Phase

Your book suggests that the purpose of the Innovate phase is to make the process(es) within the scope of the project as efficient and effective as possible. Further, it says that the best way to develop the new process options and alternatives is through the use of various workshops. The practice of using workshops and group input to examine processes and identify potential avenues for improvement has been well researched (see step 7 in your text for some discussion). There are various potential obstacles in this effort and many methods have been suggested to handle them.

For this Discussion, do the following:

Research and describe one methodology suggested for improving the efficiency of innovate workshops for evaluating processes and recommending improvements. The book contains a list of various innovation activities.
Describe your experience with such a process where you were part of a process improvement effort. What kinds of difficulties did you experience and how were these resolved, if at all?
You may find that you will need to do additional research using the Library or the Internet.

Do not forget to cite and reference your sources in APA format (use the Writing Resources located in the Academic Tools area of your course for APA help).


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