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i need a strategic planning assignment done for my nonprofit company which includes completing worksheetsNovember 1, 2020SOC100 Need by tomorrow 7PMNovember 1, 2020Informatics and nursingPaper instructions:1) Explore your own level of readiness in informatics. Discuss the integration of nursing informatics and health information technology on patient outcomes in healthcare.2)Suppose you are asked to provide services to a small island in the Chesapeake Bay which is geographically isolated. Based on your readings and understanding of telehealth and IT resources, how could you implement a comprehensive care team utilizing IT resources. Please make suggestions for improving care coverassge for this population.Note: I have two different topics, one page each. Just put forward the ideas (no introduction and conclusion for each one of them) “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Informatics and nursing appeared first on Nursing Paper Desk.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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