Inclusion and Diversity of Apple SWOT analysis

Sections 1 &2(Paragraph Form)

Section I: Overview of the Organization/Company

Purpose, Mission/Vision

Products, Services

Section II: Overview of their D & I Initiatives

  1. Discuss the diversity-related initiatives the organization offers its employees.
  • Provide the Title(s) of Diversity Managers
  • Do they have a Dept. that manages Diversity
  • Do they have a website link for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Are there policies and procedures around diversity?
  • What forms of training does the organization have specific to diversity?
  • Awards or milestones related to diversity.
  • Review the Management structure for Diversity.
    • Provide information about all programs/services directed towards diverse consumer groups.
  • Marketing campaigns (Showcase one marketing initiative)
  • Events/Programs (Showcase one program)
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (What do they do?)

Section 3 (Written in the 2×2 Matrix (Sampled below), short bullets, a few very descriptive sentences.

Positive Attributes

Negative Attributes


Look at the initiatives you talked about above…

What are the strengths of their D&I?

How successful are they at their D&I?

Focus on their attributes.

Talk about the awards, allocates.

How do others in their industry perceive them?



Look at their initiatives, think about the business case and maybe look at a competitor’s D&I…

What are their weaknesses?

What is missing from their D&I strategies?

Have they addressed all the groups of people we talked about this semester?

How do they compare to competitors?

Have lawsuits weekend their reputation?


What are some of the new trends happening in D&I overall that they could/should capitalize on? (We have talked about some and you have readings about them).

Positive and negative things happening outside organization that could be leveraged?


What are some of the trends happening that could Negatively impact this organization?

Risks that they have taken that have made them appear discriminatory?

Are there any looming or recent (within 10 yrs) discrimination lawsuits?

Have they lost any lawsuits dealing with discrimination?

Any bad (diversity-related) PR in the news/social media realm about this organization

Section III: SWOT Analysis (Remember to relate back to our class content wherever possible)

Strengths: (internal)

Based on the D&I profile of this company discuss the strengths of their initiatives. Focus on the attributes, assets and positive outcomes of their initiatives.

Weaknesses: (Internal)

Based on the D&I profile of this company discuss the potential weaknesses of their efforts. Search EEOC and other sources to determine if there have been any diversity-related lawsuits they have faced and lost.If not, draw from at least 1 case of a company similar to yours to expose the potential weakness within their company.

Opportunities: (External)

Discuss some of the factors happening outside of the company (in society at large, this specific industry) that could be of benefit to their success. Positive factors that could lead to successful D&I initiatives.

Threats: (External)

Discuss some of the factors happening outside of the company that could place the business at risk in terms of their D&I strategies …or the lack thereof.

Section 4 (Paragraph Form)


Summary for your perspective, what did you learn about the D&I initiatives in this industry, highlight the most and least impressive elements of this company/organization.


You must use APA citation, including in-text citations where needed.

You must use a minimal of 5 resources for this paper, excluding the Website for the company or organization you will be focusing on.

please use this website as resource.


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