Inclination for political ideologies

Inclination for political ideologies

Part one: Forum 2 – Political Compass

You will need to access the website for,  This survey measures your inclination for political ideologies.  The items can be viewed as conservative or liberal.  These questions can be interpreted based on an economic or social scale.

· Provide 1 question that you interpreted as liberal.  How did this question fit into the liberal ideology?  In your analysis, discuss if this question was based on an economic or social scale.

· At least one paper

· Provide 1 question that you interpreted as conservative.  How did this question fit into the conservative ideology?  In your analysis, discuss if this question was based on an economic or social scale.

· At least one paper

Part two provide response for these two students, the response should be conestant with the ideas in the first part:

Student one:

Various statements can be interpreted as being conservative or liberal. The conservatives are mainly focused on strengthening their economic superiority while the liberals are base their ideologies in fighting for social equality and rights for everyone in the country. 

Question1: ‘No one chooses his or her country of birth, so it’s foolish to be proud of it.’ The question carries liberal ideology. The Liberals believe in fairness for all the people despite their background or race. Those who share this belief are mainly the immigrants of America who feel that there should be fair treatment for all the citizens despite their background. The liberals believe in the popular saying that ‘America is no one’s land’ and is, therefore, open for all people all over the world. The question is social in that it encourages the Americans to be friendly to immigrants from other parts of the world because the country of birth is only by chance and not by choice. 

 Liberal ideology is based on fair redistribution of wealth through the progressive taxation system. The less fortunate and those seeking greener pastures are then able to enjoy the services provided by the state such as the provision of social amenities. The liberal-minded Americans have also been on the forefront to fight for the rights of all citizens. Liberal ideology advocates for the right to speech, religion, and speech. The liberals also believe that all the people have a freedom to settle anywhere in America. The question, therefore, sounds very conservative in the bid to make immigrants welcome in the country.

Question 2: In the test, the question ‘our race has many superior qualities compared to other races’ is conservative. The questionnaire seeks to know what the citizens think of their race and superiority of their race as compared to other races. The question is conservative as it seeks to promote a sense of racism. The conservatives are mainly the earliest inhabitants of the state who have a sense of ownership of the country. They are less tolerant to other races and see their races as the superior race. They believe in the conservative ideology where each is responsible for his or her well-being. Those who share in the conservative ideology do not support the government’s initiative in the provision of social amenities such as free medical facility. The conservatives are also known to be proud of their race and share in the belief that some races are generally criminal minded. They, therefore, share in the idea that harsh sentences should be passed in court for offenders. The conservatives have also continuously supported capital punishment as they see it as a way of protecting their property. 

The question is both economic and social because the superiority in the problem is based on economic success. The conservatives are mainly the owners of the international corporations and most prominent businesses in America. The question is also social because success can also be quantified in the form of moral principles and adherence to the law. Conservatives believe that the law is there to protect them from other people especially from other races who are less civilized and get involved in criminal activities. The question is, therefore, a bit conservative as it promotes racial isolation and discrimination.

Student Two:

Question 1: If economic globalization is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.

The survey question fits into the liberal ideology and the analysis be based on an economic scale.

            Transnational cooperations undergo heavy competition in the international market. Despite efforts from international bodies such as the United Nations and other Non-Profit Organizations, the depletion of the environment is at hand and it extends to the violation of human rights. The discussion terms this factor in a liberal ideology because in reality there are insufficient means of keeping transnational companies accountable in economic scales when conducting businesses. There are also insufficient means of controlling competition in the international market. Factors such as the war in Congo and water pollution as a result of oil spillage during transportation are as a result of the heavy competition in the international market and they do affect the environment. The human rights stipulate the right to live which factors in the quality of air and water as well as describing the working conditions. Several bombings and violation of human rights among women and children come as a result of pressure from transnational companies to get natural resources. Moreover, there are insufficient means of keeping them accountable as they only arbitrate those factors to their own vicinities at the expense of human lives. The focus on profit in international organization impedes human rights whether it is longer working hours, workplace violence does indicate a violation of human rights because they interfere with personal well-being. The society needs to address these issues as the protection of human rights still needs a larger interpretation despite the set notions in company policies. Transnational cooperations also need to be accountable for their actions and institute an international measure of addressing the issues at hand. 

  The question: No one can feel naturally homosexual

The survey question fits into a conservative ideology and the analysis will be based on a social scale.

The discussion based on homosexuality is at a long hand and cannot be solved by an arbitrary statement that insinuates absolute. Various psychological and psychoanalytic processes can influence homosexuality which can also be indicted by social norms. Homosexuality is a larger issue insinuated by a psychoanalytic process that takes place from birth and also influences the balances of hormones in the body making it a natural process. Parental role in childhood and sociological measures can shift a person’s mental process into realizing a homosexual pattern and therefore influencing their role in sexuality as well as their psychological perspective. These factors are indeed natural because they affect a person’s perspective towards themselves and the society. As children grow up they develop sociological patterns in their mind that relate to their state of psychosis and thus influence their biological processes changing their bodies to exert a certain sociological perspective which extends to their sexuality. Parents need to keep note of this factors in determining a person’s reason for developing a homosexual pattern. The factors are also played out when the child begins to feel pressure in the society which releases their sociological patterns as pertaining to homosexuality. Some of them have to exert a narrative psychoanalytically so that they can assert their sta te of sexuality which is in fact as a result of the sociological patterns they face which translates to the biological processes taking place in the body. The discussion behind homosexuality is a larger issue at hand.

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