In a two to four page paper, explain how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine


i have one paper 2-4 pages and 2 labs

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Week 5 Lab Dropbox
Submit your week 5 laboratory assignment using the following document. This experiment can be accessed by clicking on the link below. here to launch the experiment.
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Complete the Virtual lab word document, save the file as a Word document (.doc or .docx) with your name in the file (i.e. FirstnameLastname_AssignName). Submit your Word document to this dropbox by the lab’s due date. Sending emails through the virtual lab to the instructor is not the accepted way to submit any virtual lab and neither is cutting and pasting the work from the Virtual lab into the dropbox. Submitting any virtual lab either of these ways will result in a grade of ‘0’ earned as neither will be graded nor scored.
Week 5 – Personalized Medicine Grading Rubric
Using newspaper and magazine articles from the Online Databases at the Strayer Learning Resources Center and/or credible sources from the Internet, research the concept of “personalized medicine”. In a two to four page paper, explain how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine. Give two or more specific examples of the benefits of personalized medicine. Discuss the drawbacks and limitations of this approach to human medicine.
This paper should adhere to APA style standards including the following: Double space, 1” margins and in text citation of references. A title page and a reference page are required, but do not count towards the 2-4 page length. See the following Assignment Grading Rubric for information about how this assignment will be graded.
Relative Weighting (%age)
Content: Paper length, logical progression and Submission Deadline
Did not completely follow directions on length and/or deadline.

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