Improving the School with ELA and Behavior Focus

Topic:  Improving the School with ELA and Behavior Focus 
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1. Positive Impact on Student Learning
2. Distributive Leadership 
3. Community Involvement & Engagement
4. School Safety & Culture
5.  School Improvement 
6. Organizational Management 
— 7. Discuss leadership skills the student will employ to ensure they are offering outstanding leadership
Leadership Philosophy/Quote 

School Improvement Math Focus
Helen Taylor MES/SES Instructional Coach
ECSU MSA Student ELPS 698: Internship & Capstone II
Final Project November 2021

Goal of Project
❖ Focus on math instruction and assessment ❖ Analyze data to look at next steps ❖ Identify any instructional gaps which exist due to the
pandemic, school closures, or other factors ❖ Improve math instructional practices and use of
resources to remediate and enrich our students ❖ Grow our students as mathematical thinkers and

Instructional Support
❖ District Math Resource Documents ❖ Instructional Frameworks ❖ Strategies & Resources ❖ Digital Tools ❖ Supportive Walkthroughs ❖ Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities
❖ School Level PLCs ➢ Learning Outcomes aligned to Standards ➢ Instructional Strategies ➢ Resources & Tools ➢ Data Analysis
❖ District Level PLCs ➢ Facilitate 3rd -5th Math PLC ➢ Updates & General Information ➢ Professional Articles ➢ Discussion

Data & Assessments
❖ Information on Assessments ➢ District Cluster Assessments ➢ NC Check-Ins ➢ EOGs
❖ Data Collection ❖ Analyzing Data ❖ Next Steps
➢ Not Meeting to Exceeding Expectations

Programs & Digital Tools ❖ Desmos
➢ Four Function Calculator ➢ Math Activities
❖ DreamBox ➢ Online math program with adaptive learning engine
❖ First In Math ➢ Online math program approved for intervention and enrichment ➢ Piloted last year and purchased this year

Remediation & Enrichment
❖ Think about next steps ❖ Use of Acadience Math screener ❖ Achieve the Core – coherence map ❖ Tools 4 NC Teachers – Next Steps Document
➢ Tasks and Assessments ❖ Choice Boards & Links

Moving Forward
❖ Continue focus on core instructional strategies ❖ PLC support at school and district level ❖ Analyze additional data and think next steps ❖ Provide necessary professional development

Thank you!

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