IKEA Case Analysis

The IKEA case (from the textbook in “Part 5: Cases & Activities” on page C-184) will be used.
You are required to submit one individually prepared case write-up. You are not allowed to discuss your individual case write-up with your peers. In other words, this assignment must be an individual effort in the truest sense of the term. Any violation of this requirement will lead to a grade of zero for this assignment.
The case write-up is a maximum of 2000 words. No appendix, executive summary or table of contents are allowed.

It must be written from the perspective of the decision maker in the case.
To:                        Senior decision maker(s) outlined in case and Company Name
From:                  Students full legal names and ID number
Date:                    Date submitted
Issues (10%): outline and explain the key problems, decisions or issues and why they are important. If you decide to focus on 1-2 issues, explain why you think the ones you chose are the most important.
Analysis (60%): analyze each of the companys key strategic issues you chose. Your analysis must be supported by concepts, frameworks and other materials from class. The analysis may utilize tables and figures to succinctly present information.
Options (10%): outline 2-4 possible options the company can take to resolve the issues. Include a discussion of the pros and cons of each individual option, clearly linking each option to your analysis.
Recommendations (10%): include a clear and actionable set of recommendations, that are supported by and explicitly linked to your options and analysis.
Formatting, clarity of writing, grammar, spelling (10%)
Note: Do not contaminate the case by using sources of information, data, analysis, ideas and/or suggestions external to the case. Your analysis must be based only on information found in the case.


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