I need help in fixing my report

these are some comments i got to use them in fixing the report


The SDS for each chemical needs to be included, you can summerize the effects and handling to make it shorter. The calculations should be labled to make it easier to se what you are calculating. For the sources of error, you have to explain what you would do differently and be specific on what your errors are and how you can fix those errors. The research connection has to be a article that you find online, summerize it, then compare it to your experiment. The discussion needs to include detail for both day one and day two experiments. The hypothesis needs to include a reason as to why you think it is magnesium sulfate. I suggest you look at the rubric on canvas, it explains everything you need and what you should include.

1: Elaborate more on hypothesis. 2: Expand more on the methods. 3: Separate each test for the methods used. 4: For safety separate each chemical and write down the Chemical name, mass, and hazards and precautions. 5: For results section make graphs and fill in with results for each trial.

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