I need assistance with this assignment 5.2: project—cco position

Assignment 5.2: Project—CCO Position Description—- DIRECTV is the company that has been chosen all this time.  
In this assignment, you will create a list of CCO functions that would be appropriate for your own organization.

Categorize your organization as a newer start-up, a growing enterprise or a mature company that has existed for some time. Provide reasons for the category you have chosen for your organization.
Review the reality check audit you completed inAssignment 4.2.
Identify the low scores your organization received.
Write a leadership goal that, if acted upon, would fix each problem identified by individual low scores.
Adjacent to each goal you have listed, write a job requirement statement for the new CCO job position.
Describe, in one to two short paragraphs, how you believe you could use this listing of leadership goals and job functions to influence your organization to consider seriously the role of a CCO for its leadership team.

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