I looking for points in this topic (Bringing gender equality…

I looking for points in this topic(Bringing gender equality to the UN General Assembly).
The clarification1) Representation in the UN General Assembly is far from gender equal. Unlike parliaments around the world, where there is discussion and awareness of the need for greater representation of women, there is no concerted effort among UN member states to ensure that more women ambassadors (Permanent Representatives) sit in the General Assembly. This is despite the fact that many resolutions of the General Assembly call for more women to be engaged as decision-makers in peace-building and development processes at both national and global levels.This item will review the data on womens representation in the General Assembly and consider the ways in which the appointment of ambassadors to the UN could be improved to achieve equality. Borrowing from the IPUs experience of supporting more women in politics, and best practices from other relevant institutions, participants will discuss the ways in which parliaments can help the General Assembly and other multilateral bodies become more gender equal.
** Very important to write at least Two points the Role of Kuwait Government in this topic ( gender ).
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