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Humanities Test-Out 02 – Visual Art
Develop a vocabulary for criticizing, evaluating, and describing works of art.
For this assessment task, you are asked to act as an art critic and analyze a series of works. When art critics discuss art, they describe art works in terms of style and medium. Art critics interpret meanings of art and make judgements of a work’s validity to the importance of a piece in the larger context of art history and culture. Art critics also evaluate art in the context of aesthetics.
·  Element: Identify the key elements of that piece of art and explain them, referencing other works of art.
·  Vocabulary: Uses the common vocabulary of that field of art with a detailed explanation.
·  Subject/movement: Explains what the piece is about or the movement the piece represents in detail, referencing other works of art.
·  Coverage: Piece thoroughly discussed, and insightful details provided, making reference to additional work.
Please, write 3-4 pages with sub-heading and reference page.
Due date is 6/20/21.

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