Human Trafficking and Nursing Paper

I need a 7 pages long paper ( excluding title page and reference page) on the topic Human Trafficking and Nursing. APA style. Must include the most recent statistics for US only. It has to have three references- I will provide the articles! It has to include those headings for each paragraph:
1. INTRODUCTION:SUMMARY WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT THE ISSUE, (issue is not recognized in healthcare, nurses see victims in ER but fail to recognize them as human trafficking victims etc)
2. ETHICAL DIMENSIONS OF THE ISSUE (why is this an ethical dilemma), (human right violation, autonomy taken away, forced without giving consent, right to be safe is lost, victim can’t be a productive member of the society, victims are from poor countries, etc
3. RELEVANCE OF THE ETHICAL ISSUE TO NURSING PROFESSION, (issue is not recognized, difficult to screen because are afraid of the trafficker that is always with them, victims are seen by the nurses for injuries, diseases, std, hiv, mental problems…etc
4. RELEVANT ETHICAL ANALYSIS( assuring health of their patients, noting the crime, process of screening, what questions to ask, safety steps to take when victim is recognized but with trafficker in the hospital, how to notify police,

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