Human Exceptionalities M5 Discussion 1: The Level Playing Field THE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD Few concepts

Human Exceptionalities

M5 Discussion 1: The Level Playing Field


Few concepts seem to be more embraced by most people than that of the “level playing field.” Yet the notion of reasonable accommodation in providing services for students with disabilities continues to be controversial, especially in higher education.

What is “reasonable accommodation?” Who should decide, and based on what ‘evidence?’ Craft a response that reflects your point of view, and respond to at least 2 other posts. Provide a research finding that support your point of view. Remember to cite your resources.

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DISABILITIES  resonable accomadations book Human Exceptionality: School, Community, and Family

Answer preview…………. Introduction

Faculties should control of curriculum in the classroom and determine how the curriculum is taught and evaluated to make sure there is a level playing field for both normal and physically challenged students.  A playing field is a situation that is fair, and no one is termed important than the others. In learning institutions management should ensure that both children with disabilities and normal children are treated the same and should receive the same quality of education. In most cases, students with learning disabilities learning institutions offer restrictive environments which can support their education. The movement towards full inclusion of all students with disabilities in regular classrooms has led to many advocates and professionals for students with disabilities worried (Martins & Villringer, 2016). Therefore, it is the role of high management of education to put in place some services that will ensure a fair playing grounds for all student without making students with disabilities inferior to the normal students……

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