How would per evaluation affect your article of characterist…

What are some research procedures for Research procedures for submitting a manuscript for a specific journal? SEE attached notes.
What are some good rule of thumbs to obtaining a manuscript acceptance? SEE attached notes.
What information  can you take from this article to help you the in preparing your “Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Posters. SEE attached notes.
To what types of audiences might you present your research? How would that change your presentation?
Explain the peer evaluation system?
Substantial agreement on the desirability of article characteristics was demonstrated, and psychologists heavily involved in the manuscript decision-making processes. This article states that judgments of article quality and impact were only very modestly correlated with subsequent citation.  What are your thoughts on per evaluation when it comes to writing your manuscript?
How would per evaluation affect your article of characteristics?  SEE attached article

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SK2023-05-26 10:49:282023-05-26 10:49:28How would per evaluation affect your article of characteristics?

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