How would one reply to a disccusion in a minimum of 3-4 sent…

How would one reply to a disccusion in a minimum of 3-4 sentences that says-
One of the most valuable things I learned throughout this course is that everything that is created has meaning. Art has a purpose, a message to send to the viewer, a songs melody is purposeful in the way it is created to show an emotion and literature plays on words to dramatize it’s meaning, to make it more impactful on the reader. For instance the literary language Shakespeare uses is to emphasize certain words to create different moods. For example, as stated in the Oxford Dictionary, the word slay is used for kill (Literary Language, n.d.).
Literary Language. (n.d.). Retrieved April 10, 2017, from Oxford Dictionary:
The piece of art I chose to discuss is the Ring shout. This dance was not performed for fun and games, but was of importance to African Americans slaves who were oppressed and gave them hope in such a dark time. This ritual shows that even in the worst situations to keep the faith that things will get better even though it seems impossible to go on. Performing this dance gave them a brief moment of happiness.
Link to video:
Santa Barbara Ringshout Project. (2007). Retrieved April 10, 2017, from
This course has given me the appreciation for all different types of art forms. I was never someone who took the time to stare at a painting and really try to understand the message the artist is trying to convey. Now I take the time to study the characteristics of a painting, such as the colors, the objects the artist wants the viewer to focus on, and the background of what is happening. Also before this course I didn’t know much about other religions other than my own. I have grown an understanding of different ways individuals worship and devote themselves to a religion. For example, Judaism, learning about the rituals they have to celebrate God was intriguing to me. One ritual being Shabbat, this time is an “oasis of calm, a time of stillness in life” ( Sabbath, 2009).
Sabbath. (2009). Retrieved April 10, 2017, from

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