How to Write a College Essay

When applying to schools, students need to keep in mind what to put on their applications. The three main things that the schools look for are letters of recommendations, extracurricular activities and essays. Students can be confused trying to figure out what looks the best on a college application. One of the confusing parts can be the essay. The college essay is an opportunity for you to show the admission office who you really are. The essay will allow you to put yourself in the best light. The best thing to do is be yourself.

It can be hard to know what to write on an essay but if you know what the admissions are looking for then it can be a breeze. The essay can cause you to either get you into college or get you rejected. Here is a list of 9 simple steps to follow in   order  to make your  essay  shine.

Be concise

Be honest

Be an individual

Be coherent

Be accurate

Be likeable

Be cautious in your humor

Be controversial

Be smart

When writing your essays don’t just list your accomplishments. Your grades and your test scores show how smart you are, your essay should show more. The best types of essays are the one’s that tell a story. The essays should show your personality and the way you think. Try to show the admissions office your desires and passions. Write about a difficult time you had in your life or maybe tell a story.

It’s important to balance your pride and your achievements with humility. Show off your skills, but in a good way. Put some humor in your essay. Lighten it up and make it clever. The worst thing you can do is bore the admissions committee. Be clever but also keep it clean with no off color jokes or bad puns. Make sure when your essay is done to have someone else proofread it. They can give you perspective on your essay. Make sure to put enough time into your essay. Give yourself plenty of time to help relieve stress. This will enable you to be able to get the necessary people to proof read your essay and to have a couple drafts.

If you take all these tips and put yourself into the essay you shouldn’t have any problem getting into college. The whole application process is a way for colleges to see who you really are as a student and a member of society. Just remember to be honest and be yourself and you shouldn’t have any trouble applying for college.

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