how to redesign the electric trike in foreign countries

Assume that your senior design project is going to be manufactured in another country. How would you recommend changing your design if your project to be implemented in these countries? For example, if you implemented your design in China, would the different social and cultural norms necessitate changes to the final design? Compare your senior project for two countries outside of the United States with very different cultures. Back up your claims with research, and cite at least two sources.

Students shall be able to compare systematically the ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, technological developments, or attitudes of people from more than one culture outside the U.S. Student should provide compelling evidence of how the designs would be changed (or why they wouldn’t be changed) in two separate countries. Research is thorough, from at least two sources.

P.S. How are you my friend? Nice to meet you! I will talk about a little my about senior project. I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I’ve been working on an electric tricycle, and it is almost finished. It is very similar to a commercial tricycle Elf made by OrganicTransit (https://organictransit.ecom/). Basically, it is powered by foot pedals and electric motor that is connected to a battery and a solar panel. The trike is very compact, and the battery, solar panel, and motor is very similar to the Elf. If you want to look at the specs, you can check the website I provided above.

The trike I am building is compact with max speed 15 mile per hour. For this essay, you may compare it with some country in China and Africa since their cultures are different from the U.S. You may talk about how to change the size, power, or material based on the local culture. For instance, you can make the car much larger for transportation in some area where cars are not popular. You can increase its power to suit the demand. You can increase the battery capacity and install a plug-in charger so that the trike can run longer with electricity. You can increase or decrease the price of manufacturing. Or you can just Google electric trike in Asia or Africa. All ideas I’ve talked about are just references. Feel free to make your own comparison, but make sure to talk about the local culture, technological developments, or economic structures and indicate why the design would be changed or would be not changed. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


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