How has social media impacted the voting behavior of Riverside, CA?”

How has social media impacted the voting behavior of Riverside, CA?”

Each student will prepare a 7-10 page prospectus for an original research project.

Research question- It must follow the root question, ”How has social media impacted the voting behavior of Riverside, CA?”

Work on refining your research question(s), the variables suggested by your question, and how you will measure (operationalize) the variables.  I have posted a sample based on the example I gave in last week’s assignment.  By the end of this week you should have your question(s) finalized as well as a statement of the variables and their operationalization. You may need to submit the assignment more than once to get everything just right.


“Operationalizing my variables

In last week’s assignment I offered the following as my first attempt at a research question: Have the residents of Riverside County, California changed their water usage habits over the past year, or have they chosen not to change their usage over that same period of time and what reasons do they give for their decision?

This week I want to tweak my question and determine how I might measure or operationalize my variables: 

Drought: I will use the definition of drought given by the National Weather Service.

Change in water usage: This is a quantifiable variable and data could be gathered that is interval/ratio data; however, I don’t believe most people are aware of exactly how much water they are using even though it is listed on their monthly bill. I will use ordinal level data to determine if people believe they are using less water, more water, or no change in water habits.

Reasons for changing or not changing water usage: If people have changed or not changed their habits, I will ask them why. This is qualitative data and cannot be quantified, but it will give important information on people’s perceptions of the drought and its impact on the area. I can code reasons as philosophical, economic, cultural, or other depending on the answers.”

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